Meet Mo Chen, with a PhD in Engineering. A man that loves “lokala butiker ”.

Mo Chen, consultant at Mpya Sci & Tech, starts our little interview with a loud and friendly “tjeeena”, which makes us wonder if we shall do the interview in Swedish? But we agree that English is better at this moment. Although Mo Chen is attending “SFI” (Svenska för invandrare), he is not yet super fluent. “I am learning, and I am getting better, but give me some more time”, he says. So, we’ll take it in English.

What made you come to Sweden in the first place?

Four years ago, 2018, I got a job at KTH, where I worked as a researcher with 3D and 4D printing. I have a PhD degree and I was curious to see what kind of jobs and assignments there were outside China, which is my home country.

We know 3D, but what is 4D?

4D is about printing something, that can be reshaped, expanded or shrunk, through for instance heat.

(Here we must make a note: “4D printing refers to single-material or multi-material printing of a device or object that can be transformed from a 1D strand into pre-programed 3D shape, from a 2D surface into preprogramed 3D shape and is capable of morphing between different dimensions. Such transformations are facilitated by, e.g., heating, light, or swelling in a liquid. [1]”)

What happened after KTH?

Well, one year ago I started to look for other opportunities. After a long time in research, I decided I wanted to do something new. I’m more of an industry guy, I love to carry out projects and make functional products which can be beneficial for people around the world. So, I applied for a job where Mpya Sci & Tech was the recruiter.

You met Mpya! How did it go?

I met Mpya’s Talent Advisors, and I liked their personality and their positive energy a lot. Cecilia, Patrik and David were very driven, and I liked that Mpya Sci & Tech is a young company with many clients from various and exciting industries. So, they got me a job!

Where do you work now?

I am doing my assignment as a software developer at Ericsson Lindholmen, and we are developing a new generation of products.

What do you like about Mpya now that you are a “Mployee”?

There are two aspects: The work part, interdisciplinary, multiple industries, where we share ideas, inspiration and break boundaries. I love that.

And then of course the after work. I really enjoy the activities we have. We can relax and have fun together, like a family. It is very refreshing to my daily work. At work I am mostly interacting with machines, computers, haha, so it’s fantastic to meet colleagues after work.

What do you do when you are not working or hanging out with colleagues?

Well, I love traveling in Sweden. I travel in the weekends to small towns, to hike in the nature or visit museums, buy local products, and eat delicious food in small restaurants. I like to visit what you in Sweden call “lokala butiker”.

What do you look for when you visit “lokala butiker”?

Fresh food that I bring back home and cook. When I was a child, I sometimes followed my parents to the market to buy fresh food, so I guess I like that. But I am not good at cooking. I was forced during the pandemic to learn how to cook. I am getting better! But I’d rather go to restaurants if I have the choice.

Anything you’ve discovered during your trips that you would recommend?

Oh, yes, I recommend the IKEA-museum in Älmhult and the Scania-museum in Södertälje. Then I really recommend the small town Lysekil, in Västra götaland. Fantastic nature beside the sea, and after I hiked there, I had a delicious dinner at a local seafood restaurant. I have to go back soon!

So, what would you say to anyone thinking about joining Mpya Sci & Tech?

Join us! We are a company with happy people, positive energy! We don’t just send people to clients; we also enjoy a lot of time together – and we share happiness and important knowledge.

Like the seafood restaurant in Lysekil?

Yes! Like the seafood restaurant in Lysekil!


[1] Ahmed, A., Arya, S., Gupta, V., Furukawa, H., & Khosla, A. (2021). 4D printing: Fundamentals, materials, applications and challenges. Polymer, 228, 123926.

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