Human beings
who love science
and technology.

Welcome to something different.

Welcome to a consulting and recruitment company within science and technology, built by people with years of experience from the industry.

We are here to help you find new paths and new insights that help you grow – either as a person or as a business. It is important for us to combine work with well-being and balance, and embrace the fact that we are all human beings with friends, families and social activities.

What we do? We find the best talent and expertise within science and technology.

Join Us.

Are you up for a new challenge? Do you want join a culture where induvidual growth and competence development is prioritized. Is good benefits and work life balance important to you? We want to be an employer in the frontline where our colleagues contribute to a pleasant work environment and a sustainable work life. Do you want the best co-workers? Join Us!

Involve Us.

Are you on the lookout for competence and want to hire expertise within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Yes, we are a new company but on the other hand we are a group of experienced consultants, with established networks and talent management experience. We want to form a different kind of consulting and recruitment company and believe in creating value by innovative talent management solution, that will help your company to grow. By the way. Mpya is Swahili and means “new thinking”. Are you ready for it?

#Mpya Inspo