How I became a PCB-designer

Meet Bruno Fernando Fornari, PCB Designer / Hardware Engineer at Mpya Sci & Tech.

How and why did you become PCB designer?

It was in 2005, and I was a technical assistant in a company in Brazil. As a technical assistant, I was responsible to help the technicians assembling the products, folding cardboard boxes, screwing screws, this kind of production line routine.

And there was a time I had to talk to someone in the engineering department.

When I entered their area, I saw a screen full of colored drawings, and I started a conversation with a guy who was drawing. He was the PCB designer at that time.

And when I saw all these colorful PCB-things, I was amazed! And I said to the manager “I don’t know exactly what the engineer is doing, but I want to do what he’s doing!”.

A couple days passed, and the manager asked me if I was serious… I said I was! Then I got the chance to learn how to design printed circuit boards. And here I am, in the other side of the ocean, working as a PCB designer consultant at Mpya Sci & Tech.

What do you like most about being a consultant?

The nicest part of being a consultant is the flexibility. We can switch assignments if it does not fit properly. But since I started at the costumer site, I tried to create a long-term relationship with them. I do not feel I am just an external resource, but I really feel that I belong to the “family”.

I am responsible for several projects, and I must consider all the aspects to find the best and the cheapest possible solution, so the costumer can have a nice product without us spending too much money on production.

And I am absolutely enjoying it! After more than 15 years developing different kinds of electronic products, I realized that there’s always a room for more knowledge. The technology is evolving every single day and I need to be updated.

How do you motivate yourself and keep evolving in your field?

I started my own YouTube-channel! Since the pandemic has started, a lot of different sectors in the industry had to change their way of thinking and developing. And they need new knowledge! Looking at it, I realized that there is no lecture or lessons, especially for free, on how to develop PCB. So, I decided to share all my knowledge on my own YouTube-channel.

Live streaming, and funny …ish, way of talking, haha.

It’s been a pleasure to share everything I learned from all these years, especially the feedback I receive from young students, teachers, or random people.

The next step for this project is to create more short and specific videos, teaching step by step, all the process of a PCB development, so my audience can go directly to what they are looking for, instead of watching a huge amount of content. 

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