Spain, electromobility and ”En Svensk Klassiker”. Meet Lucia.

Lucia Diego Solana is from a small village in Spain, and from there she found her way to Chalmers, Zenseact and now Mpya Sci & Tech. We took a quick chat with her, and we found out that she is preparing for one of the toughest challenges in Sweden: En svensk klassiker.

Hello Lucia, where do you work now?

So, my assignment from Mpya Sci & Tech is at Volvo Group in Trucks, where I work with electro-mobility. My job is about predicting the life span of batteries in trucks during specific routes, understanding how long the battery will last depending on distance, weather condition and load etcetera, so the customer can know when and where they need to reload.

What is your background and how did you end up in Sweden?

I got my bachelor in Spain, I’m a telecommunication engineer. Then I came to Chalmers to do my master’s in mathematics and computational science in 2015 and graduated in 2017. I did my master thesis for Volvo Cars, and when my supervisor got a job in Zenseact (previously known as Zenuity), I saw a good opportunity to work there.

So how did you meet Mpya Sci & Tech?

In 2020 I felt I wanted to change jobs, do something else. So I started to check Linkedin ads, and I found this job as a machine learning engineer. The company used Mpya Sci & Tech as the recruitment company, and I met David Rüdel. I didn’t get that job, because the company wanted a more experienced person, but David was interested in hiring me. So, we did some more interviews and finally Mpya got me this assignment at Volvo Trucks.

What did you like about Mpya?

I liked the fact that it is a small personal company. I’ve worked in bigger companies before, and there I’m just a number. At Mpya Sci & Tech you get to know people, and they get to know you. It’s very personal and intimate. Another thing is Mpya’s social skills. There’s an after work every month, and they really want us to get to know each other. And to get to know the other teams in Stockholm and Uppsala.

How is it to be a consultant?

I like it a lot. I like to learn new skills, maybe change to biomedicine or finance in a couple of years. Being able to diversify and keep learning, that’s the best part of being a an Mployee at Mpya Sci & Tech!

So, what do you do in your spare time?

I love climbing, but right now I am training for a “Svensk Klassiker”. I have done the running, and now it’s time for Vasaloppet. I am terrible at skiing, so I need to train a lot.

We wish you all the best!

Thanks, I need it, haha. 

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