Be who
you are.

Our philosophy.

We are devoted to questioning the conventional. We believe that new ideas, new knowledge and new paths need to be an everyday vision. We also believe that life is so much more than just work. Life is happiness, obstacles, challenges, interests, families and learning. The trick is to mix everything in a healthy and inspiring cocktail. Or as we say – the more life you live, the more passion and well-being you bring to work.

Be excitedly curious.

Staying ahead and contributing to a sustainable world means new ideas, new knowledge and new paths need to be an everyday vision.

Be inclusive and allowing.

Establishing a spirit of involvement and engagement in everybody means creating a sympathetic culture built on trust, sharing and confidence.

Be who you are.

Did we say life is so much more than work? Here at Mpya Sci & Tech, we see the whole person – and we support your well-being and everyday life.

With a stable and solidly built trampoline, you can jump higher.


Cecilia Karlsson

Talent Advisor, Gothenburg

Cecilia's curiosity makes her eager to challenge and being challenged even out of her safety zone. With her positive attitude and coaching approach, she helps others realizing their opportunities and developing their strengths, both in working life and in volunteering. Cecilia's interest in people and technology has taken her from start-ups to large tech companies. With her experience, in roles as consultant, project manager, HR manager and Global Support Director, she is a consultative Talent Advisor at Mpya Sci & Tech personalized.

Britta Granath

Talent Advisor, Stockholm

We found Britta in an extensive pile of resumes and once meeting her we immediately got struck by her high presence and sharpness. We love working with Britta and she is always up for a competition, regardless if it’s table tennis, the angry game or finding the best candidates. Britta has a strong background in immunology research from AstraZeneca, and she is a committed high performer with great skills in assessing the potential in each candidate.

Perjohan Säfström

Perjohan is a chemical engineer from LTH and has several years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Both in the role of engineer and in various roles as leader/manager. He finds his energy in having much interaction with colleagues, employees, customers and partners. Finding the next assignment and seeing what clients need has proven successful by combining an interest in individuals' development and industry experience.

Halala Pirooti

Halala is a educated chemist with a broad professional career in the pharmaceutical industry. She has extensive experience of laboratory work, but has in recent years worked in leading positions for groups active in QC, production and QA.

Halala strongly believes in a present leadership in order to develop the individual and the group. Group dynamics is therefore a matter close to her heart and she has many good examples of how she has created strong teams. As a person, she is communicative, social and committed. She is to constantly trying to improve and challenge herself both at work and at home. 

Nadine Gneiser de Sousa e Brito

Talent Advisor, Gothenburg

Nadine, with a background as a project manager in event and marketing management, has throughout her career been working with humans and to build strong relationships. Most recently she has been involved in a SaaS-start up, as a operations manager. She is a curious doer who lives by the motto ”Never have I done this, so I will probably be able to do it”. When she is not working she spends her time travelling the world to teach and dance Brazilian samba – which is her passion in life.

Matilda Brink

Talent Advisor, Stockholm

Matilda is social and flourish in a role where she gets to gather information and contributing to finding solutions to problems. Juggling tasks, interacting with her surrounding and helping people prosper is a work environment where Matilda thrives. With a MSc in Biotechnology and work experience from QA we believe Mathilda will fit perfectly in the role as Talent Manger at Mpya Sci & Tech.

Linnéa Andersson

Talent Advisor, Stockholm

Linnéa constantly dares to challenge herself to take on new roles and experiences. Most recently it was as a Validation Engineer in the construction of a new filling and packaging factory, now it applies to the job as Talent Advisor and the construction of team Process in Mälardalen. She describes herself as a bit hectic, ambitious, and happy. We draw the conclusion that she most likely will feel at home at Mpya Sci & Tech. 

Erik Düring

Erik has worked in the field of life science for almost 25 years. During this time, he has been involved in the development of heart catheters, sales, and has served as the CEO of a company that produces pre-clinical research equipment and clinical diagnostics. For the past 8 years, he has been working in recruitment within life science in the Nordic region. Erik's great interest in technology and meeting people has enabled him to successfully match candidates with the right companies. When he's not at work, Erik enjoys spending time with his family and dog. His favorite pastimes include wine tasting, indulging in good food, and cycling through the forest.

Felicia Löw

Talent Advisor, Göteborg

Felicia was raised on the soccer field, which means that she is prestige less and puts the team before herself. She has the ability to engage and include those she works with. She makes high demands on herself and maintains a high quality of the work she performs. She loves to contribute with joy and laughter and she always sees opportunities and is triggered by challenges. With ten years of experience in recruitment, she has now found her home in the role as Talent Advisor at Mpya Sci & Tech!

Johanna Engblom

Talent Advisor, Gothenburg

Johanna is the Chalmerist who loved interacting with people more than studying differential equations. A typical project manager who divides most tasks into start, goal and tollgates. Loves to tick boxes and to-do-lists. Her commercial interest flourished during her years as CEO and she has now come home in her role as tech recruiter. Johanna enjoys social contexts but being something of an introvert type also now and then puts her in a quiet chanterelle forest or out on a run to boost energy.

Johan Östman

Talent Advisor, Stockholm

Johan has gained deep knowledge of recruitment, leadership and business development from more than 10 years working within Life Science as recruitment consultant, manager and CEO. After a PhD in Molecular biology and a journey within academia in London for three years doing pain research Johan came to realize that he is destined for recruitment and helping people finding their right place in working life. Johan fuels up his energy tank by hanging out with family and friends.

Maja Palmqvist

Talent Advisor, Göteborg

Maja is a happy and energetic person with a great interest in getting to know new people. Her passion for interacting with people has made her a skilled and experienced recruiter who likes to sort through people's skills and backgrounds.

With her competitive and focused approach she tries to do her best in everything she undertakes, from finding the right person for the right assignment to lifting the heaviest weights in the gym.

Maja knew early that she wanted to work with people and therefore chose to study further in HR. This has later led to a desire to support people in developing and growing in working life.

Patrik Artman

Talent Advisor, Gothenburg

Patrik is a positive engineer with passion for people and the stories behind every person. Curious to understand customers’ needs and to exceed expectations.

Beside his passion for ball sports and riding boards he has a MSc in product and process design. He has a wide experience within engineering industry and eight years of matching engineers in automotive industry and managers for manufacturing industry.  

Shuhad Choudhury

With a broad pharmaceutical background as a pharmacist at several different pharmacy chains, Shuhad is now taking on role as Talent advisor at Mpya Sci & Tech. 

As a person, he is determined, creative and easy to deal with. He is social and values cooperation. Shuhad aspires to a career within life science in roles where he is given the opportunity to grow by constantly taking on new challenges and building relationships and a network. But there must be time left over to follow what is happening in the football world and for spending time with family and friends.

Robert Nabel

Robert - a versatile molecular biologist with experience in laboratory and quality work at Pfizer. With curiosity, he has for the past three years assumed the role of consultant manager at a staffing company where the interest in conveying the right talent to the right assignment is only growing. Robert is no stranger to challenges; he throws himself into them with fervor and persistence.

Outside of work, he finds balance through exercise, culinary adventures, social connections with friends, and exciting board game evenings. With Robert at the helm, every day is a tantalizing opportunity for new adventures and laughs.

Are you our next colleague?

Being a part of Mpya Sci & Tech means that you are always a part of something bigger. A culture were individual growth and competence development is prioritized. At Mpya Sci & Tech you get good benefits and work life balance. We take care of each other, and we know that there is more to life than work.

Mattias Runevad

Talent Advisor, Gothenburg

Want to talk about black holes, your newest Arduino project or maybe your next career move? You've come to the right guy! Mattias is a very socially oriented electrical engineer, that realized during his master business studies and his years as a consultant and later on manager in the tech recruitment business, that recognizing top talent and matching it with exciting new possibilities is his kind of job. With a warm heart and a curious mind Mattias is ready to face any challenge.

Jasmin Khatibi

Associate Talent Advisor, Stockholm

Jasmin is passionated about helping people achieve new goals in life. After completing a bachelor‘s degree in human resources she strives to expand her knowledge in working life so that she can help and influence other people. Jasmin is a curious and always eager to learn and take on new work tasks. Work at Mpya Sci & Tech and within the Life Science industry therefore felt intriguing. 

David Rüdel

Talent Advisor, Gothenburg

David is a caring leader that gets the people onboard, not only to do exploring boat rides with snorkeling stops in the archipelago. With a dual background in engineering and business together with a curiosity for people, entrepreneurship within technical recruitment and consulting was a natural destiny. And he still loves tech businesses, and the people shaping it.

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