How to succeed with your CV.

Writing a CV can be quite hard and in the end the document comes out rather boring and uninspiring, but that is a bit how it should be 😊 However, below you find a few tips from the recruiter.

Your CV is the most important part of your application document. With CV, you show your experiences and how they match the requirements set for the position. A resume should not be too long and if you have a broad work experience, it may be good to highlight the parts that are most relevant to the position you are looking for. It is also important to use keyword to optimize the hit rate of your CV in databases. Saying that you should use words that recruiting managers or recruitment consultants look for in their candidate searches. It should be easy to find you!

A good tip is to make the CV clear and easy to follow. It should follow chronology and be systematically structured. Also try to find an accurate and friendly language so that it does not feel winded or declamatory. Use a language style that suits the role you are looking for.

A good outline for a resume is:

  • Ingress: Two to three sentences about yourself and what drives you, these should give you a clue as to why you are suitable for the position.
  • Work experience: In brief, describe the workplace and position as well as the time for your employment.
  • Education: Where you name universities and programs and degree years
  • Technical skills: Software programs and machine skills
  • Other qualifications: Here you can have confidence assignments and a driving license
  • Language: Here you list languages ​​and levels.

References should not be provided but may be written on request or similar.
A resume should not be longer than one page.

Good luck!

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