How to successfully recruit an engineer.

Some advice from Tech Recruiter Johanna Engblom at Mpya Sci & Tech

Succeeding in recruiting an engineer is almost an impossibility in Sweden nowadays. Adding the expectation of finding a long-term colleague makes it even harder. So, what should you keep in mind during this war of talent when highly educated competence within technology is scarce?

The Swedish labour market has a lack of experienced engineers. Some areas such as electronics, IT, automation and construction are especially exposed. A new type of jobseekers has also arrived. Millennials, or Generation Y, is a new generation of candidates with totally different expectations than we are used to see. Forget about company gold watch and ten years celebrations. A realistic employment time before next adventure begins will be two year. Five, if you are lucky. Let me share some tips:

Recruitment ad

First. Promise no more in your job ad than you can keep. Too many companies whitewash the job when writing the recruitment ad. Exciting and evolving tasks are highlighted regardless of occurrence, while less attractive assignments are toned-down or removed completely. Give thought to what you write about your company. Can you actually live up to “short decisions path” and “with potential to grow”? If not, be brave enough to let the applicants know “you will perform repetitive tasks which requires precision” or “the team is under construction”. If the job requires lots of travels, let the applicant know how often and where. Will travels be scheduled ahead or occur with short notice? Risk of losing top candidates or attracting wrong type of applicant is imminent when reality is different than what is first described. It might be satisfying with a big pile of resumés, but quality is what counts, isn’t it?

First interview

If you think you can sit back, line up questions related to the candidate’s professional experience just like old times, you’re wrong. On the contrary, you’re expected to promote the job and your workplace to a candidate who might be moderately interested due to several other job offerings or not actually having applied for the job but been found and courted by the recruiter. You should also prepare for questions such as ”Why should I choose you as my next employer?” and “How does the company apply sustainability in everyday work?”.

Efficient process

It is also important to keep up speed during the recruitment process. When competence is scarce, the war of talent is tough. A slow process signals disinterest and might make top candidates lose interest and encourages them to accept other offerings. Plan for a smooth and efficient recruitment process. Make room in the calendar for yourself and relevant colleagues and prepare for candidates in need of rescheduling or entering the process late. If the process slows down, interesting candidates will drop of or feel unappreciated and unprioritized.

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