How to hold a successful interview.

Holding a job interview can be quite difficult, especially if you rarely do it. There are many different techniques that you can use, and it is important to use one that is suitable for the vacancy you have.

The goal of an interview is partly to evaluate competence and appropriate personality for the vacancy. But it is also an opportunity for the recruiting manager to highlight the role and the company. Today we are in a market with a shortage of candidates, which means that the candidate you meet may be in several other recruitment processes parallel to yours. The interview is your opportunity to assess the candidate, but also the candidate's opportunity to evaluate you as a future manager.

Assessing competence can be difficult enough. How do you ensure that a person has worked in a way that is good for the organization? We humans have a lot of prejudice and the candidate can sometimes take over the interview which makes it difficult to keep the same structure with different interview objects.

On top of that, one should evaluate the candidate's personality and create an idea of how it will contribute to the development and growth of the group.

  • Read up on the person you are going to meet by reviewing the application documents. Compile any thoughts and what you want to know more about.
  • Prepare relevant questions that you want the candidate to answer. Avoid yes / no questions, ask the candidate to exemplify.
  • Prepare a case that the candidate will answer / present. For example, it may be to give a company presentation. Here you get a good insight into how prepared the person is, how good it is at improvising and how comfortable he or she is to take on unexpected challenges.

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