How to succeed with your letter of intent - tips from the recruiter.

A frequently asked question I often get in my role as a recruitment consultant is whether the personal letter is necessary. Many candidates wonder if there is any point in writing a personal letter or if even anyone takes the time to read it.

When I started working with recruitment almost 8 years ago, almost all applications included a personal letter. About three years ago, I discovered a trend that many chose to integrate parts of their personal letters into the CV and had the CV alone as their full application. Today, the trend has started to reverse and more and more people are including a personal letter to their CV in their application. And as many CVs are search intent optimized and short, the personal letter becomes very complementary if used in the right way.

I think it is positive with a personal letter, but it is important to see it as a complement to CVt and not as a repetition of what is already said in the CV. Today, personality is often highly prioritized on the requirements profiles when recruiting and the right personality or personal fitness often weighs heavily. Below are some tips you can take with you when writing your personal letter.

  • Take the opportunity in the personal letter to highlight areas of responsibility, of your previous positions, that may be important to the role you are seeking. Because this may not be evident from the titles you have held for the roles stated in your previous work experience.
  • Think through, and describe in your personal letter, what tasks you are stimulated by and which give you energy - these are probably your motivational factors that give you momentum. You can include that in your personal letter.
  • Highlight the qualities and behaviors that you, your colleagues value about your-self, such as your strengths and USPs (Unique Selling Points)

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Good luck!

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