We are as proud as we are humble when summarizing the 2nd birthday of Mpya Sci & Tech. 

💥 70+ Mployees have felt "That feeling of coming home". 

💥 70+ Sci & Tech companies have been "Brave and curious together with us". 

💥 Two years of embracing a sustainable work life or as we say "The more life you live the more passion you bring to work". 

💥 Two years of gathering "Human beings who love science and technology" and a work environment where you can "Be who you are". 

Are you curious about how to be a part of our journey?

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Are you up for a new challenge? Do you want to join a culture that prioritize individual growth and competence development? Is good benefits and work life balance important to you?

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Are you on the lookout for competence and want to hire expertise within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Yes, we are a new company but on the other hand we are a group of experienced consultants, with established networks and talent management experience.